Blonde Fist


Time Out says

A pugnacious but misbegotten celebration of working-class values, Clarke's directorial debut (he wrote Letter to Brezhnev) is a sad disappointment. Ronnie (Margi Clarke) is an embodiment of female working-class strengths. She also has a deadly right fist, inherited from her bare-knuckle fighter father, which lands her in gaol for assaulting her husband's girlfriend, and later - after she's escaped to America in search of her father - gives her a chance to make some desperately needed money on the female boxing circuit. The film starts intriguingly, with a black-and-white sequence set in the late '50s, in which dad (Hutchinson) fights round the back while mum gives birth. But as we move into colour and modern times, it falls apart: ploddingly paced and cliché-filled.

By: WH


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Frank Clarke
Frank Clarke
Margi Clarke
Carroll Baker
Ken Hutchinson
Sharon Power
Angela Clarke
Lewis Bester
Gary Mavers
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