Blood Oath


Time Out says

Ambon Island, Indonesia, 1946: dejected Japanese PoWs lead members of the Australian Army Legal Corps to a hidden clearing where scores of Australian PoWs were executed by prison camp guards. What follows is run-of-the-mill courtroom drama as Captain Robert Cooper (Brown, predictably curt), the hard-line prosecutor assigned to the war crimes case, questions suspects: Vice-Admiral Baron Takahashi (Takei, impressive), his sadistic underling Captain Ikeuchi (Watanabe), and a young Japanese signals officer (Shioya). The result may be of historical interest to those unfamiliar with some of the lesser-known details of WWII, and goes some way towards highlighting cultural differences and opposing views of war. Jason Donovan makes his big screen debut: two minutes and the immortal line, 'Do you need anything?' Quite.


Release details

108 mins

Cast and crew

Stephen Wallace
Brian Williams, Denis Whitburn
Bryan Brown
George Takei
Terry O'Quinn
John Bach
Toshi Shioya
John Clarke
Tetsu Watanabe
Deborah Unger
John Polson
Jason Donovan
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