Bloodhounds of Broadway

Film, Drama

Time Out says

An American Playhouse production of a '20s musical pastiche based on four Damon Runyon stories, featuring Madonna as a nightclub singer, Hauer as a gangster, Dillon as a gambler, Quaid as a hapless swain, Grey as 'Lovely Lou', and Hagerty as a society dame. Actually, the performances aren't too bad - even Madonna's, although her squeaky disco voice is manifestly unsuited to period crooning. But even the all-star cast can't impose order or interest on the ludicrous and mystifyingly convoluted plot. Madonna's confession that she wants to drop being a jazz baby and retire to a 'quarter-acre in Newark' to raise babies and chickens might just be worth your attention. But ultimately the film delivers its own epitaph: 'The Brain is dead'. I'm afraid so.


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Howard Brookner
Howard Brookner, Colman DeKay
Jennifer Grey
Rutger Hauer
Matt Dillon
Randy Quaid
Julie Hagerty
Josef Sommer
Steve Buscemi
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