Blossom Time

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Where Hitchcock's near contemporary Waltzes from Vienna relied on poorly worked-out gimmicks and the rather irrelevant talents of Jessie Matthews, Stein's Berlin/Hollywood apprenticeship enabled him to produce a classic musical biopic. Purists may well sneer at the representation of Franz Schubert as a popular singer/ songwriter, but Tauber's voice is magnificent and his minimally melodramatic acting fits perfectly this Ruritanian world where a fire-eating, snuff-sniffing duchess stands in the path of true love. The story may be flimsy, but the way Stein deftly moves it forward to its wedding-ritual finale is superb.


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Paul L Stein
Franz Schulz, John Drinkwater, Roger Burford, GJ Clutsam
Richard Tauber
Jane Baxter
Carl Esmond
Athene Seyler
Paul Graetz
Charles Carson
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