Blowing Wild


Time Out says

The calculated absurdities and violent romanticism of this Johnny Guitar precursor (also scripted by Philip Yordan) were greeted with derision on the film's first appearance. It's set somewhere South of the Border, where bandidos, chests criss-crossed with cartridge belts, open fire on trucks laden with nitro-glycerine. Things are no less volatile back at the rancho, where Stanwyck can't have Cooper ('You're no good, Marina') and consoles herself with booze and a state of permanent fury, as a symbolic oil well pumps away outside her bedroom window. It's clear from the off that most of the characters will wind up killing one another. Inventive, unrestrained film-making, and another under-appreciated entertainment from the uneven but talented Fregonese.

By: BBa


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Hugo Fregonese
Philip Yordan
Ruth Roman
Anthony Quinn
Gary Cooper
Barbara Stanwyck
Ward Bond
Ian MacDonald
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