Blue Belle


Time Out says

This Harry Alan Towers film has nothing to offer except some widescreen Chinese locations (much beloved of Towers, who also produced the Fu Manchu series) and a variety of sexual venues: art gallery, riding stables, Tibetan monastery. Otherwise it's 'Convent-bred Emanuelle 3 Goes East' as Eponymous Annie meets up with Felicity Devonshire - looking as though she's on a modelling trip for The Sun - and they both strip off a lot. A Jane Birkin-type song plays endlessly in the background. Someone says 'There is a Chinese legend - when you throw in lead, you can fish out gold'. Not here.

By: AN


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Massimo Dallamano
Massimo Dallamano, Harry Alan Towers, Marcello Coscia
Annie Belle
Charles Fawcett
Felicity Devonshire
Ciro Ippolito
Maria Rohm
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