Blue Car


Time Out says

Rather better than one would expect from its story. A sensitive schoolgirl with difficult mother, young sister to look after and ambitions as a poet, meets sensitive teacher who becomes a mentor, confidant and potential major crush. Writer/director Moncrieff's film gets by on an unexpectedly tough approach to narrative (the 'unthinkable' occurs) and on excellent performances. Fans of John Sayles' work will already know Strathairn can do no wrong, but Bruckner complements him very well indeed, even negotiating the tricky 'poetic' patches with assurance. Finally, however, this small film's greatest strength is its big heart.


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Karen Moncrieff
Karen Moncrieff
David Strathairn
Agnes Bruckner
Margaret Colin
Frances Fisher
AJ Buckley
Regan Arnold
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