Blue City


Time Out says

An addition to the sub-genre of Hollywood movies that involves fashionable youth striking aggressive postures, riding motorcycles, smashing up bars, and getting a good beating to the sound of loud rock music. Wild boy Nelson returns to his home town to find that his father, the slightly crooked ex-mayor, has been bumped off by persons unknown. Aided by his best chum (who can't walk properly) and his best chum's sister, he embarks on the unlikely programme of harassing the local heavies, with a view to obtaining a lead. The inevitable final shootout reveals all and justice is seen to be done. Fast, stylish, but the formula palled ages back and it hardly does justice to the Ross Macdonald novel on which it is based.

By: DPe


Release details

83 mins

Cast and crew

Michelle Manning
Lukas Heller, Walter Hill
Scott Wilson
Paul Winfield
Anita Morris
Judd Nelson
Ally Sheedy
David Caruso
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