Blue Crush


Time Out says

As with the chicks who merrily drag their bikini-clad bodies through the film, there's no dressing this one up. Our heroine is Anne Marie (Bosworth), a hydrophobic wannabe pro surfer who lives in a beach shack in Hawaii with her two surfin' buddies and little surfin' sister. Tired of subsisting on Twinkies and minimum wage, Anne Marie decides to enter a major surf meet that promises tidy lucre for any female competitor who fails to drown. But first she must conquer her fear of water, even as passing beefcake quarterback Matt (Davis) tries to conquer her. In fairness, director Stockwell reins back on blatant cleavage shots, with the most prurient images devoted to the perfectly sculpted surfer boys. The greatest adoration, though, is saved for the sea - a brilliant, beautiful, rolling mass superbly captured by cameraman David Hennings. Strip out plot, dialogue and all that rot, and the remaining images of the ocean provide a weird and wonderful visual experience. (Based on the magazine article 'Surf Girls of Maui' by Susan Orlean.

By: PW


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

John Stockwell
John Stockwell, Lizzy Weiss
Mika Boorem
Faizon Love
Michelle Rodriguez
Reuben Tejada
Matthew Davis
Sanoe Lake
Kala Alexander
Kate Bosworth
Chris Taloa
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