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Blue Danube Waltz


Time Out says

American co-production money notwithstanding, this is an uncompromising statement of political disillusionment in the new post-communist Hungary. Former dissident Cserhalmi is about to be co-opted into the regime of the pro-capitalist prime minister, but as confused and confusing events elide assassination, charged sexual liaisons and ever-present security surveillance, the ideological waters are more than muddied. The political context may have changed, but paranoia and anxiety are still the order of the day as Jancsó's sinuous camera coils and uncoils its way around the characters, with video monitors within the unfolding action frequently offering different angles on the same material as we're watching it. Images, like truth, are definitely open to manipulation. The choreographic virtuosity of the director's lengthy takes is as impressive as ever, in a film which easily stands comparison with his acknowledged late '60s heyday.

Release Details

  • Duration:90 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:Miklós Jancsó
  • Screenwriter:Gyula Hernádi, Miklós Jancsó
  • Cast:
    • György Cserhalmi
    • József Madaras
    • Ildikó Bánsági
    • Dorottya Udvaros
    • András Kozák
    • Lajos Balázsovits
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