Blue Streak


Time Out says

Lawrence and his cohorts are in the midst of a diamond heist when he's nabbed by the cops on a nearby construction site. Reluctant to be collared redhanded, he hides the hot rock in a ventilation duct, resolving to return and retrieve it. After a two-year stretch, he looks up the old address and discovers it's LA's largest police station. Posing as a pizza delivery boy doesn't get him past the front desk, but when he comes up with convincing ID to pass as a newly transferred detective, he's in. None of this is within hailing distance of plausibility, but it does make a certain skewed sense that the crook's streetwise nous is what makes him a successful, if unconventional cop. The conceit is fun, but the movie doesn't give Lawrence anything challenging to do.

By: TJ


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Les Mayfield
Michael Berry, John Blumenthal, Steve Carpenter
Martin Lawrence
Luke Wilson
Dave Chappelle
Peter Greene
Nicole Ari Parker
Graham Beckel
Robert Miranda
Olek Krupa
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