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Bob Saget: That Ain't Right

  • Film
  • 4 out of 5 stars
NASTY AS HE WANTS TO BE Sagetmouths off at NYU.
NASTY AS HE WANTS TO BE Sagetmouths off at NYU.

Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

“I want to start by apologizing for the way I speak…it’s a persona,” says Bob Saget at the beginning of his new stand-up special, which consists of material as blue as the ocean off of Aruba. “I am fucked-up and I apologize from the bottom of my cock.” Saget’s disclaimer—the first part of it, anyway—doesn’t hold much water: The profanity in That Ain’t Right (taped at NYU’s Skirball Center) is so frequent and creative that it could only come from the mouth of someone extremely comfortable with the seven words you once couldn’t say on television.

As Saget reminds us, he spent eight years hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos—“it was like Hanukkah, it wouldn’t end”—and because of that and his overlapping Full House run (“Ask me my favorite episode. The last one!”), he’s presumably an extremely wealthy man. Like Larry David, he has so much money that he can make his humor as offensive as he pleases and truly could not care less what others think of him (he can probably look forward to a full cavity search from Canadian customs agents, thanks to one bit where he bleats like a sheep while reminiscing about having “banged half the country” when he lived up North). While Full House is frequently discussed, Saget surprisingly avoids cracks about the Olsen twins, though his jokes prove that John Stamos is an extremely good sport (“I love him, he’s like a sister to me. If he could learn to wipe front to back, he’d be fine.”). Some may think that three minutes of Saget’s hyperprofane material is all it takes to get the point, but you can’t fully appreciate the extent to which That Ain’t Right feels like a raw expression of his soul unless you stick around until the last f-bomb has exploded.

Written by Andrew Johnston
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