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Time Out says

Estevez doesn’t leap to mind when imagining a promising chronicler of America’s past, and on the evidence of ‘Bobby’, never was an instinct more true. It’s one of those films that sounds exciting on paper: 24 hours in the life of Los Angeles’ Ambassador Hotel, leading up to the death of Senator Robert Kennedy who was shot in the hotel’s kitchen on June 6 1968. It was a time of war, dissent, dashed ideals; go figure the easy parallels. Estevez cuts real footage of Kennedy into a drama that focuses on the supporting cast: the doorman, the hotel beautician, the Mexican cooks. His attempt to shoehorn what he sees as the grand themes of the period into a choppy, unsubtle and insubstantial script is embarrassing, and never more so than when he tries to recreate the experience of an LSD trip. A cameoing celeb cast (Ashton Kutcher, Lindsey Lohan, Sharon Stone, Demi Moore, Anthony Hopkins) negates the project further, pushing it into showbiz grandstanding territory and making it a film of disjointed sketches.

By: Dave Calhoun



Release details

Release date:
Friday January 26 2007
116 mins

Cast and crew

Emilio Estevez
Emilio Estevez
Anthony Hopkins
Demi Moore
Sharon Stone
Elijah Wood
Lindsay Lohan
Emilio Estevez
Harry Belafonte
Joy Bryant
Nick Cannon
Laurence Fishburne
Brian Geraghty
Heather Graham
Helen Hunt
Joshua Jackson
David Krumholtz
Ashton Kutcher
Shia LaBeouf
William H Macy
Svetlana Metkina
Freddy Rodriguez
Martin Sheen
Christian Slater
Jacob Vargas
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
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