Bolshe Vita


Time Out says

This first feature is a mellow high of a trip through that fleeting moment after the overthrow of the Soviet empire, 'when Eastern Europe was happy,' flush with optimism and self-determination, before darker forces again asserted their control. From the Bolshe Vita - a bohemian club in Budapest and point of convergence, like the city itself, for pilgrims and wayfarers from all directions - the film follows a diverse and divergent troupe of characters through a tender, melancholic, unsentimental and very funny celebration of this evanescent period of openness and freedom. Rough around the edges, but if it seems rambling and uneventful, that's because writer/director Fekete understands that life's memorable moments aren't about what you did so much as who you were with.


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Ibolya Fekete
Ibolya Fekete
Yuri Fomichev
Igor Chernievich
Alexei Serebriakov
Agnes Máhr
Helen Baxendale
Caroline Loncq