Book of Love

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Adapted by William Kotzwinkle from his novel Jack in the Box, this tale of young lust in the '50s utilises all the usual period memorabilia: good-looking cars, better-looking hairstyles, psychotically uptight parents, and the obligatory Greatest Hits soundtrack. Against this formulaic backdrop, Shaye offers vignettes of hyper-hormonal teen torment, from whackin' off in class to being buggered with a candle on a Merry Ranger camp outing. 'I suppose it's time for another dick-measuring contest,' opines one poor sap when all other forms of entertainment seem exhausted. Unlike so many first-fumbling '50s movies, however, this one tempers its scrotal obsessions with a sense of naive wide-eyed delight, for which credit is largely due to the fresh-faced cast (Chris Young in particular). Hardly American Graffiti, but way above the inanities of Lemon Popsicle.


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Shaye
William Kotzwinkle
Chris Young
Keith Coogan
Josie Bissett
Tricia Lee Fisher
Danny Nucci
John Cameron Mitchell
Michael McKean
Aeryk Egan
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