Book of Shadows Blair Witch 2

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Forget curiosity. Seeing this will only taint your memory of the terrifying original. Berlinger claims this is a postmodern commentary on the entire 'Blair Witch' phenomenon, yet it fails on every level: it isn't scary or innovative, and its 'insights' are obvious and spurious. It's mostly shot on 35mm, and no amount of digital video footage, Hi-8 images and tricksy computer graphics can disguise that it's a sell-out travesty. The original leads were three average slacker types. Here, they're five horror clichés: a crazy Burkittsville local whose Blair Witch obsession has spawned a merchandising and tour group business, and four clients - a psychic goth, a practising wiccan, a sceptical academic and his more susceptible girlfriend. Camped for the night at child killer Rustin Parr's house, they're disturbed by a rival tour group. Later, they get smashed on drink and drugs, then awake to find their memories have been wiped. Taking refuge in the tour operator's woodland warehouse loft, they try to figure out, with the help of video footage, what happened during the 'lost hours'.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Joe Berlinger
Dick Beebe, Joe Berlinger
Kim Director
Jeffrey Donovan
Erica Leerhsen
Tristen Skyler
Stephen Barker Turner
Kurt Loder
Chuck Scarborough
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