Time Out says

Steelworker/tap-dancer Sean (Garcia) quits Newcastle, Australia, and heads for Sydney, despite Dad's 'no son of mine' speech (think Billy Elliot, transposed). He leaves behind his newfound love, hairdresser Linda (Lee), and brother Mitch (Worthington), who gave up tap-dancing and took up stealing, usually cars but, in his brother's absence, Sean's girlfriend too. Sydney doesn't work out and Sean returns home determined to set up his own gig - one that better showcases his roots - cue steel toe-caps tapping on girders, metal pipes and tin-pan dunnies. Garcia makes a fine-looking lead and his fancy footwork throughout is reasonably entertaining, but it's not enough to save this turkey. Directed by the founder of the Australian dance troupe Tap Dogs, the script is weak, the characters clichéd and the plot bubblegum.


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Dein Perry
Steve Worland, Hilary Linstead, Dein Perry
Adam Garcia
Sophie Lee
Sam Worthington
William Zappa
Richard Carter
Susie Porter
Anthony Hayes
Christopher Horsey
Drew Kaluski
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