Borges, Books and the Night


Time Out says

A realisation in film of the extraordinary literary universe of definitive modernist writer Jorge Luis Borges was always going to be a huge challenge. To his credit, however, Bauer makes a very effective shot at it. Using found footage, interviews, biographical reconstructions, dramatised extracts and an allusive imagery, he constructs a multi-layered portrait of the author's life and work, tracing the Möbius strip of overlaps and collusions between the two. And if he denies Borges his self-declared 'hope to be anonymous, it is the highest kind of glory,' he does admit the uncategorisable mystery at the heart of his unique literary project.


Release details

83 mins

Cast and crew

Tristán Bauer
Tristán Bauer, Carolina Scaglione
Walter Santa Ana
Lorenzo Quintero
Leonardo Sbaraglia