Box 507

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

An enjoyable, if far-fetched, even silly thriller predicated on the not so implausible notion of widespread corruption and criminal activity among the developers, bureaucrats and bigwigs down on the Andalusian riviera. It starts well enough with a forest fire, a violent bank robbery and the discovery of incriminating papers in a safety deposit box. But the protagonist's transformation from mild-mannered bank manager to ruthless avenging angel taking on the Mob and everyone else is absurd. And the villainy is so over-egged that soon even the least likely misdemeanour is expected - or greeted with a 'so what?' Fast and fun, though.


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Enrique Urbizu
Michel Gaztambide, Enrique Urbizu
Dafne Fernández
Antonio Resines
Miriam Montilla
Félix Álvarez
Javier Coromina
Antonio Mora
Jordi Amat
Juan Fernández
Sarina Röhr
Younes Bachir
Michele Nicholson
Eva Gutierrez
José Coronado
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