Box of Moon Light


Time Out says

After DiCillo's delicious Living in Oblivion, this comes as a disappointment. Turturro's on form as the straitlaced, clock-watching, by-the-book construction foreman who cracks up when a job is cancelled and goes looking for a happy-holiday lake from his youth. Fair enough, but when he falls in with Rockwell, a half-crazed hippy kid into self-sufficient country life and irresponsible behaviour, you know Turturro's in for a trite lesson in living. Not as funny, deep or original as it would like to be, although things pick up with yet another fine turn from Catherine Keener.


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Tom DiCillo
Tom DiCillo
John Turturro
Sam Rockwell
Catherine Keener
Lisa Blount
Annie Corley
Rica Martens
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