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Time Out says

Ulli Lommel graduated from playing twitchers and fruitcakes in Fassbinder movies by directing Tenderness of the Wolves, a touching account of a gay paedophile butcher. He then decamped to Hollywood to essay a career pitched somewhere between Dennis Hopper and Paul Morrissey. Mostly he made no-budget schlock, like this ludicrously straightfaced 'thriller' about brainwave transplants. A black hole for fading stars in which Dr Curtis kindly operates on the heroine (Love) who is in a coma after suffering a traumatic blow to the brain. The donor is a murder victim, unexpectedly supplying not only motor reflexes but memories, so that the poor recipient is soon being stalked herself.


Release details

80 mins

Cast and crew

Ulli Lommel
Ulli Lommel
Keir Dullea
Suzanna Love
Tony Curtis
Vera Miles
Ossie Davis
Corinne Alphen
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