Bread and Chocolate

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Production-line Italian comedy only slightly helped by the tragi-comic skills of Nino Manfredi, as a guest-worker in oh-so-clean Switzerland desperately trying to break into the Aryan leisure culture. Brusati fatally miscalculates this comedy of failure, despising his protagonist, confusing pathos with camp. Almost as sad, the sublime Karina is thrown away in a bland Euro cameo (as a Greek exile on the run). Good acting, dreadful everything else.

By: CA


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Franco Brusati
Franco Brusati, Iaia Fiastri, Nino Manfredi
Nino Manfredi
Anna Karina
Johnny Dorelli
Paolo Turco
Ugo D'Alessio
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