Breaker Morant

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Three lieutenants (Woodward, Brown, Fitz-Gerald), members of an Australian platoon fighting in the Boer War, are court-martialled for murdering Boer prisoners and a German missionary, and Jack Thompson steps in to try to prove their innocence. It's a Paths of Glory situation, complete with righteous anger at the expedient conniving authorities, distinguished by some strong courtroom scenes and an overwhelming pessimism. If it hardly breaks any new ground either formally or politically, it's nevertheless a moving and highly professional affair, in which Brown and Thompson give particularly good performances.

By: GA


Release details

107 mins

Cast and crew

Bruce Beresford
Jonathan Hardy, David Stevens, Bruce Beresford
Edward Woodward
Jack Thompson
John Waters
Bryan Brown
Charles Tingwell
Terence Donovan
Lewis Fitz-Gerald
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