Breaking Away


Time Out says

Class conflict and small town chauvinism are the subject of Yates' ingenious youth movie, a film which intrigues as much by its portait of working-class America bitterly opposed to the affluent society as by its large measure of lovingly-crafted fantasy. Hero Dave (Christopher) and his mates try to win the annual 'Little Indy' team cycle race in their home town (Bloomington, Indiana), as a gesture of defiance to the richly privileged college boys. Scripted by Steve Tesich, it's Yates' best film since The Friends of Eddie Coyle and displays the kind of unsentimental optimism that went out of fashion with Hawks.

By: DP


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Yates
Steve Tesich
Dennis Christopher
Dennis Quaid
Daniel Stern
Jackie Earle Haley
Barbara Barrie
Paul Dooley
Robyn Douglass
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