Breaking News


Time Out says

To’s ‘Full Time Killer’, which made a virtue of its implausible premise (two hitmen chase each other across south-east Asia, romancing the same girl en route), was panache 24 times a second; ‘Breaking News’ is just silly. Granted, it’s the real HK choreography deal, as the opening shoot-out –  a five-minute take that registers a ‘Scarface’-worth of trigger-pulling with ‘Touch of Evil’-style cranework – declares. Then tension and credibility unwind as Ren’s fistful of hoods holes up in an eighth-storey flat and the cops, marshalled by a robotic Chen, posture for the TV crews. When the techno-literate villains upload 3G clips of police pratfalls to the web, the fuzz hire a movie director to edit their footage – and so the message takes shape: it’s the media, stupid. Shame the gags (flatulence) and characterisation (truculence) are as rudimentary as the social theory.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Johnny To
Kelly Chen
Nick Cheung
Richie Ren