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Kollek's wilful, meandering and hugely self-indulgent drama is pitched somewhere between a murky Cassavetes-style gangster thriller (in the vein of Killing of a Chinese Bookie), a Paul Morrissey exploitation pic and a lush melodrama about a mom fighting to get her kid back. The director's regular muse Anna Thomson brings a little dignity to her underwritten role as the long-suffering heroine who's left holding the baby after her husband is killed by the Mob. Bridget - a sort of latter-day Moll Flanders - is sexually exploited, becomes a drug mule in the Middle East, and marries for money, but the film is so chaotically structured and so ponderous in its pacing that it's hard to care much what happens to her.


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Amos Kollek
Amos Kollek
Anna Thomson
Julie Hagerty
David Wike
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