Bring It On


Time Out says

Torrance (Dunst), captain of the Toro cheerleading squad at a San Diego high school, is hellbent on taking the team to victory in the national championships for the sixth consecutive year. But pressure builds when she discovers that her predecessor stole their well rehearsed routines from the Clovers, a HipHop squad out for revenge. Meanwhile, there's a cheating boyfriend and her confusing feelings for Cliff, brother of Missy (Dushku, feisty), the Toro's new key recruit. The script contains few surprises, but the dynamics of female friendships are well observed, as is the reality (or surreality) of the cheerleading world. Lightweight, but unexpectedly feelgood.

By: KW


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Peyton Reed
Jessica Bendinger
Kirsten Dunst
Eliza Dushku
Jesse Bradford
Gabrielle Union
Sherry Hursey
Holmes Osborne
Clare Kramer
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