Broken Arrow 29

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In January 1966, a US B-52 carrying four nuclear bombs crashed near the Spanish villages of Palomares and Villaricos. Dina Hecht returned to the scene of the crime and subsequent cover-up twenty years later, using a classified US Defence Department report as her guide. Though the Americans don't come up smelling like anything particularly fragrant (despite some archive footage showing the former US ambassador bathing in the now 'decontaminated' sea), Hecht does not engage in a melodramatic plutonium slinging match. Most interesting is her examination of the local politicians and their use of the incident, the small seaside villages serving as a microcosm of the national government's inability - and seeming lack of real desire - to effect change in Spain.

By: SGo


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72 mins

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Dina Hecht
Dina Hecht
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