Time Out says

Apparently a series of Mediterranean holidays was the inspiration for this laddish ode to hedonism. Five British blokes go on a Greek vacation with just two things on their minds: getting laid and getting drunk. They're the sort of testosterone charged fools one actively avoids on foreign holidays. But then, presumably, they're also closely related to the film's target audience; no one else would want to sit through scenes of blokes pissing on each other, downing 20 schnapps at a sitting, and then falling into bed only to wake up in a pool of vomit. Most of the performers are from TV and act with conviction; worryingly, their images remain burnt into the mind well after leaving the cinema. Fortunately, though, a few pints of lager and five tequila slammers will erase the whole experience.

By: DA


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Martin Dunkerton
Martin Dunkerton, Nick Valentine
Justin Brett
Daren Jacobs
Daniel Fredenburgh
Rebecca Cardinale
Nick Valentine
Fin Wild
Leigh Tapper
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