Brown's Requiem

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Not so much LA Confidential as 'LA Cliché', this is based on James Ellroy's first book and feels like a dry run for themes and attitudes he went on to explore with far greater complexity and skill. The eternally hoarse Rooker is well cast as Fritz Brown, ex-cop, repo man, and occasional shamus: $500 a day, plus expenses. Hired by one 'Fatdog' to trail his sister's Jewish sugardaddy, Brown soon starts stumbling across your standard cross-section of corrupt cops, cruel corpses and cantankerous caddies. Cantankerous caddies? Well, okay, the film does have its inventive moments, but the rough edit I saw was stymied by too much voice-over and a funereal pace.


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Jason Freeland
Jason Freeland
Michael Rooker
William Sasso
Kevin Corrigan
Selma Blair
Tobin Bell
Harold Gould
Brion James
Brad Dourif
Valerie Perrine
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