Film, Horror

Time Out says

Basically a mad scientist story enlivened by eco-subtexts, in which horrible self-combusting cockroaches are thrown up from beneath the earth's crust during an earthquake, only to commence setting fire to everyone and everything they touch; meanwhile Dillman's hermit-like scientist investigates, analyses, and comes to play God. Therein lies the film's interest: biblical and religious images (heads aflame with tongues of fire, winged demons) hold sway right from the film's opening, set effectively in a remote desert church, to establish a schlock-horror allegory on the creation myth. Tacky in parts - as one might expect from producer William Castle (his last film; he also co-scripted) - and occasionally lacking in plot logic, it's nevertheless an imaginative little B thriller that manages to be genuinely suspenseful.


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Jeannot Szwarc
William Castle, Thomas Page
Bradford Dillman
Joanna Miles
Richard Gilliland
Jamie Smith Jackson
Alan Fudge
Jesse Vint
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