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Time Out says

One suspects this short 3-D IMAX production was a nightmare to create. In order to shoot insects (mostly) in their natural habitat and from their own microscopic perspectives, director Slee and his team had to adapt as they went along. First, there was the conundrum of how to film something so small, in 3-D, with three tons' worth of equipment. The poor light and high levels of rainfall in the Borneo jungle also gave them a headache. The resulting 3-D footage is mostly very impressive, even if itlack of variety in the flora and fauna departments. True, several species do share the screen, but mostly the film concentrates on the short lives of a butterfly and a praying mantis. Presumably in an effort to entertain the kids, Slee elected to turn what is essentially a straightforward documentary into a quaint little tale. Trouble is, both the script and Dame Judi's delivery are a bit old-fashioned.

By: DA


Release details

40 mins

Cast and crew

Mike Slee
Mike Slee, Abby Aron
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