Bull Durham

Film, Comedy
bull durham

Time Out says

Less a baseball movie than a romantic comedy based around the sacred diamond. Each season, Annie (Sarandon) - devout believer in the Church of Baseball - favours one member of the Durham Bulls minor league team with her patented instruction in the subtle arts of baseball and love-making. Selecting young acolyte Ebby (Robbins), she initiates him into the secret of 'breathing through your eyelids', encourages him to wear a suspender belt while pitching, and ties him to a bed to read him extracts from Whitman's erotic poem 'I Sing the Body Electric'. The seasoned Crash (Costner) meanwhile grooms the youngster for a shot at the major league, concentrating on his fast but undisciplined pitching, because he throws like he fucks, all over the place. Paradoxically, writer/director Shelton's intimate knowledge of baseball allows him to convey the feel of the game, its esoteric mythology and quirky superstitions, without losing sight of the real issue: when will Annie and Crash get it together? The film's delicious charge stems not from a rush towards a big game climax, but from the aching pleasure of Crash and Annie's potential consummation. Exuding easy charm, Costner confirms his status as the romantic leading man of the late '80s; Sarandon is sexier reading Emily Dickinson's poems fully clothed than most actresses would be writhing naked on a bed; together, they are indeed the bodies electric. Marvellous stuff.

By: NF


Release details

108 mins

Cast and crew

Ron Shelton
Ron Shelton
Kevin Costner
Susan Sarandon
Tim Robbins
Trey Wilson
Robert Wuhl
William O'Leary
David Neidorf
Danny Gans
Tom Silardi
Max Patkin
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