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Time Out says

In Winner's frantic and seriously unfunny comedy, Caine and Moore play a couple of recently reunited colourful conmen, respectively donkey-jacketed Sid and suave Gerald. What they have in common is severe cash-flow problems and remarkable resemblances to two dishonest scientists - Dr Hicklar (Caine), a Yank, and Sir John Bavistock (Moore), a nob - whom they see on the box talking guardedly about their potentially invaluable experiments in initiating cold fusion in a test-tube. Sid and Gerald bone up on their respective accents - Caine's American accent is funny - don cunning disguises, and assume the roles of Hicklar and Bavistock in order to perpetrate a heist. The whole thing then spirals off into total chaos with an all-nonsense plot about selling the plans to the highest bidder, involving gunfights on the Orient Express, double-crosses, and a visit to every stately home in Britain. No actor comes out unscathed from this stinker. Menahem Golan produced.

By: WH


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Winner
Leslie Bricusse, Laurence Marks, Maurice Gran
Michael Caine
Roger Moore
Sally Kirkland
Deborah Barrymore
Lee Patterson
Mark Burns
Derren Nesbitt
John Cleese
Patsy Kensit
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