Time Out says

A Dodes'ka-den for the post-punk generation, Chen's remarkable debut presents itself as a series of interlocking dreams. It centres on drop-outs and misfits in Taipei, sleeping rough in abandoned buildings and under bridges, and the core of the film is her engagement with these variously frustrated and other-worldly outsiders. Two elements give it shape and structure. First, the quest by an insensitive TV journalist to track down a prizewinning writer who has turned his back on mainstream society. Second, the juxtaposition of the worlds of Ah Ming (Yen, a real-life homeless man) and a middle-class mother and daughter. Ah Ming finds a camcorder which replays images of the little girl's birthday party, and imagines that it shows his own long-lost family. Meanwhile, the girl on the tape imagines (or intuits?) the grandpa she never knew. Highly original and often magical.


Release details

75 mins

Cast and crew

Singing Chen
Singing Chen
Yen Mu-Tsuen
Chen Li-Te
Zhang Yui-Wei
Lin Zhong-Ying
John Lee
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