Business As Usual


Time Out says

When Babs (Jackson, uncharacteristically warm), manageress of a Liverpool fashion store, confronts the area manager (Boland) about his indecent advances towards one of her staff (Tyson), she is promptly sacked. The incident exacerbates existing friction at home between her unemployed ex-shop steward husband (Thaw) and her left-wing son (McGann), who quarrel over tactics for fighting her unfair dismissal. An accomplished first feature, this is no strident feminist sermon, the main theme being Babs' awakening to an untapped inner strength and confidence. Barrett's unsensational approach, offset by the raw indignation piercingly communicated by a superb cast, puts sexual intimidation powerfully in perspective as part of what is, for many, a broader everyday campaign.

By: EP


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Lezli-An Barrett
Lezli-An Barrett
Glenda Jackson
John Thaw
Cathy Tyson
Mark McGann
Eamon Boland
James Hazeldine
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