Time Out says

Base your medieval history test on this and you won't rise up the ranks of academia. Dumb comedy Turkish-style, it begins with a cultivated warrior tribe called the Najar decamping from Australia to the Turkish plains, only to meet with keen persecution by the effeminate but bloodthirsty Byzantine emperor Horribilis XVI. On the day the Najar's chief, a fat fellow by the name of Superwarrior, and his wife are delivered of triplets, Horribilis is given to understand he'll be topped by one of their number, so he pulls a Herod with the Najar's newborn. But the triplets in turn pull something of a Romulus and Remus, or maybe a baby Oedipus, and a generation down the line everyone's set up for mix and match court intrigue and a farcical revolt. Most of the jokes fall very flat, but full marks for irrepressibility.

By: NB


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Gani Müjde
Kemal Kenan Ergen, Gani Müjde
Sümer Tilmaç
Aysegül Aldinç
Nurseli Idiz
Mehmet Ali Erbil
Cem Davran
Demet Sener
Hande Ataizi
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