Cabin Fever

Film, Horror

Time Out says

A flesh-eating virus munches its way through five white-bread American teens vacationing in a remote Blair Witch forest. There are gruesome moments in this comedy/horror, but the emphasis is more on gross-out laughs, horror buff in-jokes and surreal sight gags. This first feature is visibly the work of a lifelong horror freak who can hardly believe he's been entrusted with a movie camera. The script is a wildly uneven, unapologetic grab-bag from countless earlier, better, scarier pictures - most blatantly Night of the Living Dead, The Thing, The Evil Dead and Last House on the Left. But the fact that Roth bothered to re-record the incongruously lyrical songs from the last indicates he's more than just another gore geek. Working as David Lynch's assistant for five years clearly did no harm at all - and explains the presence of Angelo Badalamenti's moody themes on the soundtrack. Roth even chucks in a distinctly Lynchian weirdo cop, a move typical of the freewheeling, anything-goes attitude that proves almost as infectious as the titular bacillus.

By: NY


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Eli Roth
Randy Pearlstein, Eli Roth
Rider Strong
Jordan Ladd
Joey Kern
Cerina Vincent
James DeBello
Arle Verveen
Christy Ward
Michael Harding
Julie Childress
David Kaufbird Eli Roth
Robert Harris
Hal Courtney
Matthew Helms
Richard Boone
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