California Split


Time Out says

Gould and Segal on some wild casino sprees in Los Angeles and Reno, speeding through a compulsive night world of frenzied overlapping chatter. Like Hawks, Altman feels rather than thinks his way into a subject, with a special interest in how people relate to one another in moments of crisis. In the process he shows more of what's happening in America than most newsreels, coaxes jazzy and inventive performances out of his actors (Prentiss and Welles are particular treats), and asks for a comparable amount of creative improvisation from his audience while busily hopping from one distraction to the next.


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Altman
Joseph Walsh
Bert Remsen
Gwen Welles
Jeff Goldblum
Elliott Gould
George Segal
Ann Prentiss
Edward Walsh
Joseph Walsh
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