Cameron's Closet

Film, Horror

Time Out says

If nothing else, this muddled horror pic contains so many diverse elements that you can't help wondering what Mastroianni might throw in next. Here, in no particular order, are telekinetic mayhem, psychic premonitions, wigged-out scientists, disconnected dream sequences, a female shrink, a Mayan fetish doll, the now obligatory running down corridors, and an evil, cupboard-dwelling monster which can only be summoned by the innocent mind of a child. Curtis plays a young boy whose exceptional psychic powers have been allowed to run out of control by his scientist father (Hunter) and the latter's assistant (McCann). As a result, Cameron's fertile imagination has conjured up a red-eyed monster which lives in the closet (any closet) and tends to do nasty things to anyone he doesn't much like. With its mix of mawkish family stuff and graphic mutilations, this is one closet you'll be happy to come out of.


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Armand Mastroianni
Gary Brandner
Cotter Smith
Mel Harris
Scott Curtis
Chuck McCann
Leigh McCloskey
Kim Lankford
Gary Hudson
Tab Hunter
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