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Described by the director as 'a passionate woman's intellectual and sexual seduction of a man she found morally desirable', this is the true story of the doomed amours of a young socialite from the beau monde of Buenos Aires and her Jesuit priest. The historical background (the Rosas dictatorship, 1847) is left somewhat sketchy, and Bemberg, a 62-year-old feminist who made her first film at 58, evidences an over-fondness for the Laura Ashley school of costume drama, all starched petticoats and soft-focus cinematography. But, presided over by an unholy trinity of Church, State and family, Susu Pecoraro as Camila conducts her romance with proper abandon and a vibrant intelligence that burns bright and true amid the frilly period fashions.


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Maria Luisa Bemberg
Maria Luisa Bemberg, Beda Cocampo Feijoo, Juan Bautista Stagnaro
Susu Pecoraro
Imanol Arias
Hector Alterio
Elena Tasisto
Carlos Muñoz
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