Time Out says

Freda Lopez (Fonda), an aspiring songwriter, is going nowhere fast with her career, and her marriage has lost its sparkle; she and her graphic-artist husband (Koteas) take a vacation on Peabo Island, in the Deep South, in the hope of re-energising their lives. Freda forms a close friendship with Camilla (Tandy), eccentric owner of their beach home, who enjoys launching into a fantasy world concerning her own past career as a classical violinist. The pair hit the road and bond, each inspiring the other to unfold her life that little bit more fully. A feel-good romantic comedy which wears its heart a little too obviously on its sleeve.

By: JBa


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Deepa Mehta
Paul Quarrington
Jessica Tandy
Bridget Fonda
Elias Koteas
Maury Chaykin
Graham Greene
Hume Cronyn
Atom Egoyan
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