Camille Claudel

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Paris 1885: by night, a sculptress fills a suitcase with clay from a workman's trench. Such is the intense dedication of Camille Claudel (Adjani), whose desire to win favourable patronage from Rodin (Depardieu) drives her into a disastrous affair with that womanising egotist, thus alienating her family (including poet Paul). As ever in movies about artistic genius, a break-up sends Camille round the bend - a surefire guarantee of prolific productivity, the inevitable neglect of which, by a blinkered bourgeois intelligentsia, pushes her into ever more manic creativity and misery. Nuytten's film would seem far less banal if it were half the length; at almost three hours, we are simply left with trite ideas about artistic inspiration, and a glossy costumer that makes all too predictable points about the ambivalent nature of insanity, the importance of status and money in the art world, and the position of women in a male-dominated society.


Release details

174 mins

Cast and crew

Bruno Nuytten
Bruno Nuytten, Marily Goldin
Danielle Lebrun
Katrine Boorman
Laurent Gréville
Gérard Depardieu
Madeleine Robinson
Alain Cuny
Isabelle Adjani
Philippe Clévenot
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