Captain Evita

Film, Documentaries

Time Out says

Heavy-handed Argentinian documentary reminiscence of the heady days of 1951, when Juan Perón's first government was approaching Judgment Day at the polls, and Banfield and Racing Club were locked in a David and Goliath contest in the national soccer championship. Ex-players, politicos and journalists repeat the point that while Evita publically pinned her hopes on the upstart Banfielders, her husband's finance minister was a highly interventionist fan of the privileged Racing. Regrettably, no one pins down why all this mattered, and the combination of repetitive talking heads and apparently unconnected fictional inserts saps any potential narrative drama.

By: NB


Release details

47 mins

Cast and crew

Nicolás Malowiki
Víctor Vietri
Leonardo Azamor
Fabián Arenillas
Susana Manchini
Carlos Méndez
Sebastián Tamaga
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