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Rachel (Ormond) is a dentist who works part-time at an unnamed London prison. An inmate, Philip (Roth), slips her a note asking her to visit him, and she does. They agree to meet in a nearby cafe when Philip's on day-release, and end up making love in the lavatory, but their affair cannot remain secret for long. It's a mark of director Pope's assurance, and the conviction of the performers, that this somewhat far-fetched set-up doesn't overshadow the proceedings. Gripping and economical, this is a romance shot like a thriller. Ormond throws herself into the role, giving a tremendously honest, passionate performance, well matched by a surprisingly sexy Roth. Inevitably, perhaps, the claustrophobia takes on some negative connotations (the film was made for the BBC and that shows round the edges), but at least Pope has the measure of her material: a truly dangerous love story.

By: TCh


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Angela Pope
Frank Deasy
Annette Badland
Jeff Nuttall
Richard Hawley
Siobhan Redmond
Keith Allen
Tim Roth
Julia Ormond
Bill Moody
Peter Capaldi
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