Carry On Columbus

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Whatever affection one had for the Carry On films died with Sid James for most moviegoers. None of the new crew of Sayle, Richardson, Mayall and Planer is remotely endearing in their awfulness, which goes double for camp Clary. Jim Dale in the title role is anonymous under his cow-pat beret. In fact, the only comedian worth a fart is Larry Miller, playing a cigar-chewing Brooklynite Red Indian chief, though the routines in the New World resemble outtakes from Abbott and Costello. Of course, it's meant to be awful. Gerald Thomas can rest assured that his film looks terrible at all times, while the jokes are puerile and either telegraphed or botched.


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Gerald Thomas
Dave Freeman
Jim Dale
Peter Richardson
Alexei Sayle
Sara Crowe
Bernard Cribbins
Julian Clary
Richard Wilson
Keith Allen
Nigel Planer
Rik Mayall
Tony Slattery
Maureen Lipman
Jon Pertwee
Leslie Phillips
June Whitfield
Larry Miller
Jack Douglas
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