Casa de mi Padre

2 out of 5 stars
Will Ferrell, center, in Casa de Mi Padre
Will Ferrell, center, in Casa de Mi Padre

Time Out says

2 out of 5 stars
If you’ve seen the trailer, you know the joke: Will Ferrell speaks Spanish. It’s a perfectly good joke: Ferrell makes for a highly amusing comedy Latino, mangling his vowels, wearing an inch-thick layer of perma-tan and occasionally bursting into song. Were it a ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit, ‘Casa de mi Padre’ would be an instant YouTube smash. But 85 minutes is a long time to laugh at one joke. The plot is intentionally derivative, a fond pastiche of trashy Mexican soap operas: Armando Alvarez (Ferrell), the dutiful but dim son of a wealthy rancher, has to man up when his wayward brother, Raul (Diego Luna), returns home with a drugdealer, Onza (Gael García Bernal), hot on his trail. There are some welcome slapstick moments – Ferrell’s run-in with a fake jaguar is hilarious – but mostly this is played inexplicably, unnervingly straight: the dialogue is joke-free and the performances, while broad, are more dramatic than comical. The result is odd, intermittently amusing but wholly unsatisfying, an oddball experiment that simply doesn’t work.



Release details

Release date:
Friday June 8 2012
85 mins

Cast and crew

Matt Piedmont
Andrew Steele
Pedro Armendariz Jr
Gael García Bernal
Diego Luna
Will Ferrell
Genesis Rodriguez
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