Casey's Shadow


Time Out says

This tale of a small boy's substitution of a horse for his mother boasts several features which put it furlongs out in front of gush like The Champ: Ritt's solid feel for the milieu of the Louisiana horse-tracks, an interesting amount of the off-track dealings, but most of all Matthau's acidic performance as the boy's father, a Cajun no-hoper bucking for the big time, which always rescues the film when sentimentality threatens. Seems a shame to keep slagging off Ritt for his liberalism when he can turn in something as well-crafted and unpretentious as this. Nice New Orleans score, too. CPea.


Release details

116 mins

Cast and crew

Martin Ritt
Carol Sobieski
Walter Matthau
Alexis Smith
Robert Webber
Murray Hamilton
Andrew E Rubin
Michael Hershewe
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