Catch Us If You Can


Time Out says

With this envisaged as a cash-in on the Beatles films, Boorman and playwright Peter Nichols were given a free hand, so long as the group and songs were interwoven into a 'musical'. Taking a landscape Boorman knew from his BBC documentary days - Bath and the west - he was able, in his first feature, to create a cockeyed vision of Britain through the attempt of angry young Clark and determinedly kooky Ferris to escape the fake world of advertising. The film doesn't always avoid glibness in its hedonistic aspirations and obvious satire, but Boorman's passionate eye and his circumscribing of the band's evident lack of acting talent remain impressive.

By: DT


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

John Boorman
Peter Nichols
The Dave Clark Five
Barbara Ferris
David Lodge
Robin Bailey
Yootha Joyce
Clive Swift
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