Cela s'appelle l'Aurore


Time Out says

Highly rated by the director himself, but poorly received and subsequently rarely shown, this is actually a beautifully made parable about commitment, and curiously one of Buñuel's most moving films. The setting is Corsica, where a sympathetic company doctor (Marchal) hides a sacked worker (Esposito) who has murdered their boss in revenge for the death of his sick wife. Typically for Buñuel, he offers no traditional moral structure, but a wealth of complex characters, including a police chief (Bertheau) who dislikes torture, decorates his office with Dali's 'Crucifixion', and reads Claudel.

By: DT


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Luis Buñuel
Luis Buñuel, Jean Ferry
Georges Marchal
Lucia Bosé
Nelly Borgeaud
Gianni Esposito
Julien Bertheau
Gaston Modot
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